Fit to work? The studio is in chaos!

It may seem incongruous to start like this, but having had a few new beginnings in the past, I have always found that at first, I need to get fit. I have moved home from one county to another in the last couple of months and I have also moved from the Southern hemisphere to the North in the last few years. I am now in the process of relocating my studio, lock, stock, and barrel from Krowji in Redruth to a new space that I have established beneath the house, here in Devon.

...I am not as physically fit as I should be and subsequently I find that much of my making suffers as a consequence. So, at the outset it seems important to get on top of this and to bring a fitness activity into the studio if I am to achieve my longer term ambitions for my work this year. The establishment of a new project requires me to think and exercise at the same time... I am starting with this bike.

4K, it's a start