On passing

In his book on the nude, Kenneth Clark says that being naked is simply being without clothes. The nude, according to him, is a form of art. I would put it differently: to be naked is to be oneself; to be nude is to be seen naked by others and yet not recognised for oneself. A nude has to be seen as an object in order to be a nude.
— John Berger

I met John Berger once as I remember. It was at the premier-opening of the play 'The Seventh Man' adapted by Adrian Mitchell and commissioned and staged by Foco Novo and directed by Roland Rees, in Hampstead in 1976. At the reception afterwards, I was asked to leave by Adrian Mitchell because because I'd helped myself to a glass of wine.   "..gate-crashing art student!"   (He didn't know that I'd actually painted all the stage sets)

John Berger (who also had no idea I'd painted the sets) stepped in and stopped my eviction, instead he offered me a glass...a decent man.

...I had to remind myself yesterday that I will need to explain "fitness" and the exercise bike...if not now, certainly at a point in the future.

This is not a diary.

Anyway, fitness in my mind operates on many levels. I know when i'm not fit. It's not about being out of breath after a walk up a hill or generally feeling out of sorts. Intuitively you know without all the obvious signs, It's just a feeling. 

Preparing to start a new project has echoes with me of applying for a job, especially that bit when you have got an interview. I have always found myself, in the weeks running up to and on the verge of interviews, taking care to exercise and and get myself physically and mentally sharp (it's more important than knowing the minute details of the potential job). I'm by no means an exercise freak. My kind of exercise is generally waving my arms about rhythmically whilst staring out at the best view I can find, breathing and doing some quite gentle exercises whilst counting. Similarly, I do so, when building up to the distillation of a new idea for a piece of work.

The exercise bike is partly to do with feeling the need to improve my general overall physical fitness, but it is also to do with the transition to this new studio. For the last year and a half I have driven 5 or 6 miles to a studio, from just outside Falmouth to Redruth. The new studio that i'm establishing is beneath the house. It seems a perfect opportunity to take up a virtual and (virtuous..Ha!) bike ride each day, to and from the studio. We all need a head-space between the domestic and the work environment.

I will say this now, but come back to it later, that I expect this new project will require a significant amount of physical effort to complete.

Some deaths can take you by surprise, because you thought they had already happened.